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Don’t have the time to update content & properly manage your digital screens?

Proppela specializes in content making and in remotely managing digital networks.

Proven Experience

Our experience on digital media, dates back since 2008 sourcing know-how from parent company ViuOne Digital Media (www.viuonemedia.com).

Refresh your screen messages. Follow our content work process and place an order for a digitally animated video.

Watch overview videos and see the variety of examples, from motion graphics, to 3D to digital menu boards.

Everything you need for your next Digital Menu Board

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The standard work process is to follow the four steps guideline as depicted ahead. However, if you would like to talk first to a Proppela representative, go to http://www.proppela.com/#contact

Step 1. Start-Up

First, you will be asked to fill out basic information that would allow us to contact you afterwards. Second, you will be asked to select  from one of the “Special Packages” that we offer. Once this is done, we’ll send you a reply mail with a link to the Video Brief form.

Step 2. Video Brief

There is one form for each of the special packages offered.

a. Special Video Offer:

  • Select within the variety of templates shown the one that best suits your needs.

b. Custom Made Video: Select this option if you would like us to design a template or do a mix of the ones shown within the brief form.

Regardless of the option chosen, you will need to list and attach editable files of your products, prices, fonts, logos and texts you would like to incorporate in the video(s), that you may select to have them in English or Spanish.

From a drop-down list, you will then select the date and time you would like to receive a call from our project manager to review submissions and clear up any doubts. 

Step 3. Process your requirements

Once submissions had been reviewed and accepted, a billing form will follow, and the countdown begins.

Step 4. Deliverance of video

A low-resolution video will be initially sent for your approval. Once done, the billing form will be processed and charged. The final video will be delivered, download it to a USB and upload it to your screens. See the difference it makes.

Remember… content is king, therefore, don´t forget to keep your message fresh!

If you are a first-time customer or a returning one, our aim is not to provide you with just one video, but to make a difference in your business. We want to build a valuable and longstanding relation with you.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by !


Proppela Special  Packages

Special Video Offer



✓ Duration up to 15 Seconds

 Select Language

Custom-Made Video Offer

$350 up

✓ Duration up to 45 Seconds

Select a mix of our templates up to 3 screen rotations

 Select Language

As network manager, we would like you to focus on your strengths and priorities and allow us the opportunity to administer it , in a more timely and cost effective way, for a monthly negotiated fee.

Recommended hardware, Samsung and LG.

Contact us for all other inquiries.

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